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Unveiling the Beauty and History of Polynesian Tattoos in Oahu

Are you seeking to learn more about Polynesian tattoos, their history, and how to get one in Oahu? Look no further! Polynesian tattoos represent an intricate and meaningful way of life and culture on the beautiful island of Oahu. Polynesian tattoos are not just mere designs on the skin, but they carry deep cultural significance and history. This article will delve into the history, meaning, and beauty of Polynesian tattoos in Oahu.

History of Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesia refers to a group of islands in the Pacific, including New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, and Hawaii. The word “tattoo” comes from the Tahitian word “tatau,” which means “to mark.” Polynesian tattoos date back centuries and were an essential part of the Polynesian culture. Tattoos were used to signify the wearer’s social status, rank, and achievements. For instance, tattoos on warriors distinguished their valor and courage, while tattoos on women signified their beauty and fertility.

Polynesian tattoos are created using a technique called “tapping.” A sharp instrument, such as a bone or shark teeth, is used to puncture the skin, and ink is then applied to create intricate designs. Traditional Polynesian tattoos are usually larger and bolder than other types of tattoos, and they commonly cover the entire body.

Meaning of Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesian tattoos are not just mere designs, but they have a deep and symbolic meaning. Every element in a Polynesian tattoo represents something important, such as nature, culture, and the wearer’s personal beliefs. For instance, the sun and ocean are common elements in Polynesian tattoos, and they represent life and fertility. Sharks and turtles also feature in Polynesian tattoos, and they symbolize strength, protection, and longevity.

Polynesian tattoos are more significant than just being an adornment on the skin. They are a way of life and a representation of one’s values and beliefs. Different designs convey different meanings, such as spirituality, courage, and family ties. Therefore, getting a Polynesian tattoo is a significant decision that requires careful consideration.

Polynesian Tattoos in Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii, is a melting pot of different cultures, and the Polynesian culture plays a crucial role in the island’s identity. Oahu boasts some of the best Polynesian tattoo artists in the world, and getting a Polynesian tattoo in Oahu is a unique and unforgettable experience. Polynesian tattoo artists in Oahu use traditional and modern techniques to create beautiful and meaningful designs that reflect the wearer’s personality and beliefs.

If you are looking to get a Polynesian tattoo in Oahu, it is essential to research different artists and find one who specializes in Polynesian tattoos. Some popular designs that you can get in Oahu include turtles, sharks, and sunsets. However, it is important to note that Polynesian tattoos are more than just designs, and they should convey a deeper meaning to the wearer.


Polynesian tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful way of expressing one’s identity and beliefs. They represent a rich and vibrant culture that has endured for centuries, and they are an integral part of the Polynesian way of life. Getting a Polynesian tattoo in Oahu is a unique and unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever. Understanding the history and meaning of Polynesian tattoos is crucial in making an informed decision about getting one. Therefore, before getting a Polynesian tattoo, it is important to research different designs and find a reputable artist who specializes in Polynesian tattoos.

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